WR - Magnus donates balls to the Amazons!!!!!!!!

B. Byers phantom at camalott.com
Sun Feb 7 12:21:16 PST 1999

Your Excellency Martha,

    You challenged ALL of us here in the Western Region to find and donate
balls to be used as ammunition against those filthy Trimarins. I have balls
to donate to the Amazon house that they might be used to kill the enemy of
Our Great Kingdom of Ansteorra.  I shall not worry that my donation be
misused. For I trust in the Amazon Household that they shall be careful and
not wasteful in their usage.
    From the oh-so great many posts upon the task that was set before all. I
have seen little to no response, and this disheartens me. For if you cannot
make it to Gulf Wars to Support and Defend our Kingdom, there are ways we
can support it in our absence such as this.
Some other ways are:
    If you know archers that are going they may need people to help make
    Fighters need to learn unit tactics, this can only be done in numbers
thus show up at fighter practice.
    Tailors and Seamstresses, fighters could always use an Ansteorran Tabard
(to show those faithless trimarins who they are dealing with.
    Helping with War machie construction.
    If you see good deals at local stores on tents and camping gear, let
your fellow citizens know (I am sure it would be very upsetting to get to
the war and forget your tent was not repaired).

    There are multitudes of ways to help, at least then it becomes a group
effort, and when it comes time for our fighters to take the field they will
fight with the tenacity of the Lion of Ansteorra. That they will be granted
great strength in the knowledge that to get them to that moment, it required
a number of people who supported them and put them there. The glory in such
an achievement is astounding for the fighters and the Kingdom.

Vivat Rex!
Vivat Regina!
Vivat Ansteorra!

In service,
"If honor is lost, nothing remains."

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