WR - My Friends......

Azrael Azrael at Cyber-Wizard.Com
Sun Feb 14 14:50:18 PST 1999

Due to Mundane reasons, I will be leaving the Western Region of Ansteorra,
for the Central/Coastal region. This is  simply a job thing and if there was
any possible way for me to remain here I would. I will miss all of you and
hope to see you at as many events as possible. Dont Worry. I plan to take
the Western Regional way of doing things to the Rest of the Kingdom now<G>.

Ashril Khebte'ut Khan
Squire to Sir Max
Kingdom of Ansteorra
Western Region Of Ansteorra (Always in my Heart if not In Person)
Barony Of Bonwicke
House Crane

Ill Stay on this list, and my Email address is not going to change, so all
of you please keep me apprised of whats going on in my home.<G>

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