WR - War Question 7

B. Byers phantom at camalott.com
Wed Feb 17 00:26:14 PST 1999

>Advance:  a casual walk forward and maintaining unit cohesion
>    (tall and long stride fighters need to take smaller steps and
>    short/slower a littler bigger/faster)

Okay sounds good

>Advance Double Time: a fast walk and maintaining unit cohesion

I still think this is  what is here being described as Triple time.

>Advance Triple Time: a jog and maintaining unit cohesion

>Charge:  an all-out run with no real unit cohesion and
>    killing every enemy you can

Okay, this i think is a big NO,NO! Why?  I'll tell you. If this is the what
they intend for charge to mean, why bother even lining up at all? Just be a
mob roving the battle feild. This has just  "blown" the whole idea of a unit
being a mighty thing and broken into smaller pieces to be crushed but a unit
that has held together and "fights" together has a much better chance at
being victorious.
To give you a mundane example. I am not a "runner"! No one in my family ever
ran for leisure or was into running. It just aint in our genes. However,
when I was active duty, in Basic Training we ran as a unit. When were were
preparing for our required run, having to run a mile in a specified amount
of time, we blew it. Because the last lap of the run the unit
"disintigrated" it became everybody for themselves, Some of the faster guys
made it, but some of us slower guys failed. When it was the group, we slower
guys could hang in there, knowing we had the others there for support. The
moment the unit became individuals reliant upon only themeselves we could
NEVER be as strong as the whole. We recieved quite a chewing from our
instructor, ensuring us that if he ever saw us "break apart the unit
integrity" like that again we were going to be there a mighty long time.
When time came for ust to be tested, we passed  with a really good time,
because we stuck together, relying upon each other.
This was just running  a mile, but in War the same concept applies. The
sheildmen rely upon the spearmen to take out a majority of the enemy, but
in-turn the spearmen rely heavily upon the sheildmen to protect them. The
moment it becomes a run with no unit cohesion, it's not a unit, it's a mob.


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