WR - War Question 7

B. Byers phantom at camalott.com
Wed Feb 17 06:35:05 PST 1999

>The only time "Charge" is ever called on a melee field, by me or any of my
>commanders is under the most diverse situations. You are completely
>and the only way out it to bust out quickly, or take as many of them with
you as
>possible type situation. In any other situation it will be an advantce, or
>advance to engage command.
>Sir Aaron

Sir Aaron,
    I've just re-read my last post, and i see how it may have "sounded". :)
I realize that it may have had emotional tones. Let me assure you that it
was only in a discussion. :)
    As for Charging as a unit, it can be very useful. if the main body of
troops are clashing and your unit quickly advances upon the enemy flank and
charges (runs as a unit maintaining, as Gavin put it an "open sheild "
formation") into the flank of the enemy. As the enemy is being struck down,
having to divide their attention between 2 fronts, you can envelope them.
This is only possible by hitting them hard and fast, not giving the enemy
the chance to recover or react to the charge. This includes the rapid
manuvering of the unit and quick striking of the unit.


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