WR - Joan of Arc Mini-series

Warren T. Klinger bentnose at juno.com
Fri Feb 26 21:13:48 PST 1999

Greetings to my fellow SCA'ers,

I apoligize for the wide bandwidth, but I thought that everyone would
like to know for those who did not know already.  CBS is doing a
mini-series on Joan of Arc. It is airing Sunday, May 16 and Tuesday, May
18. It will be a four hour mini-series, starring Leelee Sobieski,
Jacqueline Bisset, Powers Boothe, Olympia Dukakis, Neil Patrick Harris,
Robert Loggia, Peter O'Toole and Peter Strauss.  From the video that I
have seen so far, it looked pretty authentic and very well-written.  I
really can't wait to see the final product.

Lord Angus Duncan Cameron
Kingdom Stock Clerk

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