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Sandra White swhite at
Fri Oct 1 05:59:06 PDT 1999

The Top Eleven Reasons to Send in Your Letter of Intent AND to Display
at Kingdom A&S


11. Little to no risk of sweaty fighters dripping on your display
(November in Ansteorra)!

10. If *you* spell your name correctly in your letter of intent, there's
a 96% chance your name will be spelled correctly on the genuine
participant scroll (hopefully).

9. This is YOUR kingdom's A&S event. AUNT STEORRA WANTS YOU (to

8. All the period, documentable fish jello you can eat!

7. Set a deadline and a goal! Someone *will* know if you don't get that
project done.

6. Make a Laurel happy! Display, display, display!!! (Kiss up, kiss up,
kiss up!)

(Part Two)

5. Christmas and largess shopping at the silent auction.

4. Be an exhibitionist and get away with it.

3. Did we mention the period fish jello?!

2. Yes, the event steward will stick you on the crappy table in the dark
corner if you show up without first sending in a letter of intent.

And the Number one reason....

1. The last Westgate event before Y2K!!! Is your art ready? Consultants
available (for a nominal fee).

Kingdom A&S, November 6, 1999
Sponsored by the Canton of Westgate

In Service and With Humor,

The Staff for Kingdom A&S '99 

P.S. Don't forget the period fish jello!!!

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