WR - Mendersham Defender

Barbara G Haire knotwork at juno.com
Sun Oct 3 23:37:43 PDT 1999

Mendersham Defender was really a fun event!  Sigmund and Katerina had to
deal with some last-minute snafus about the site,  but everything turned
out fine, and the event ran smoothly.  There were several people who were
attending their first events this weekend, and this was a good event for
first-timers.  It is often at these local events that the Dream is born
and the Magic happens.  

I missed the early fighting, but I understand it was glorious.  Chiang
won the day in the heavy list and Master Robin took the light title. 
Baroness Aslyn outshot a large contingent of archers.  Mistress Martha
won the A&S competition. and Timothy  received recognition for his bardic
talents.  Master Robin was recognized by the Amazon household for his
"old man" act upon the field.

A dispute over bride price and dowry for the marriage of James Graybeard
and Rosina led to a tourney to determine which version of the agreement
should be honored.  The bride's side won, so the groom gave gold and
silver "coin of the realm"  for the privilege of her hand.  Rosina took
20 golden coins with her as a dowry, and all sides were pleased with the
outcome.  Immediately following this tournament,  Master Robin and
Toshiro were bested by one of the best two-year-old fighters ever to
(barely) pick up a light-fighting weapon.  I predict great things for
this little fighter!  He even exhibited an act of chivalry by not
allowing his opponent to be on his knees alone.  This impromptu "battle"
was my favorite fight.   This youngster was later observed happily
walking around in a chain mail coif so large it pinned his arms to his

The bride and groom wore beautiful matched outfits of white and gold.  As
Baron Vallust officiated at the wedding, a silver-tongued would-be suitor
begged Rosina to reconsider her decision to marry James, as he had long
loved her from afar.  Rosina professed her love for James and they
exchanged rings and vows.

Then came the feast, and what a feast it was!  Prepared in its entirety
by the bride and groom, fragrantly spiced and deliciously prepared meats
and vegetables were present in courses, providing a treat for all the
senses.  James provided a quantity of mead which was properly appreciated
by all who imbibed it. The wedding dinner was topped off by Rosina's
famous cheesecake.  The feast was a showcase of the talents of another
excellent cook in our midst! 

Congratulations to James and Rosina, and thanks  to all who made this
event so enjoyable!


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