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crissy K poohyou at
Mon Oct 4 12:54:05 PDT 1999

Greetings unto all...
I need to answer a few questions on Crown Tourney.
    Site does not open until 2pm.
    Prereservations will be accepted until 5pm Friday, Oct 8.  After that 
you will need to sign in at the gate.
    The honour shields needapproximately 8x10 and to be made of something 
sturdy, preferably wood or something of that sort.  It needs the name and 
blzon written on the back.  It also needs something such as ribbon or 
cording of some kind to hang from.  I hope this helps you in your efforts.

In Service to the Crown and the Dream,
Herrin Katerina von Halberstadt
Hospitaller & Seneschal
Shire of Mendersham, Ansteorra
MKA Crissy Ketchersid
Abilene, Texas

"Sable, a chevron rompu and in base a rose argent."

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