WR - Trick or Treat Update...

Thomas Jenkins enforcer_74 at email.com
Tue Oct 12 14:45:14 PDT 1999

Greetings one and all!
Thanks for all of the responses on the WR War Practice. I was starting to
think no one was fighting these days... hehehehe
As of this moment, it looks like Saturday the 20th is in a commanding lead.
However, we will give those that may not have gotten to their email yet a
few more days to respond before we officially nail the date down.
Britta Macgregor (she ought to be a Macleod, ya' know... hehehehe) made a
greta suggestion to hold it earlier in the day so we can do everything we've
set forth. I must admit, the day's agenda is rather ambitious, and I agree.
What is everyone else's feelings on starting around 11 a.m.?
I'll be sending out an itenerary for the practice as soon as we nail
everything down for sure. Combat archers are encouraged to attend... There's
nothing quite like practicing while people are shooting at you! It just
helps you prepare for what you will face at Gulf.
I'll see what I can do about arranging a revel after the practice, as well.
Any suggestions would be welcomed... Maybe we could drag out the barbecue
pit, and raid some of HL Agnarr's beer and mead! Yeah!
A very special thanks to Marquet de la Heyt for the information on the light
fighting equipment. I should be getting my catalog in the next few days, and
from what the phone-rep told me, it's nowhere near as expensive as some of
the online suppliers have made it look.
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at Crown Tourney... Perhaps we will
see the first King from the Western Region in the near future. Of course, I
would be just slightly prejudiced at who I would like to see on the throne,
but hey... That's what squires are for! Everyone here in Crossrode Keep is
pulling for you Aaron!

In Service to the Crown,
Logan Macleod
KM Crossrode Keep
Squire to Sir Aaron

"It's only a flesh wound..." -Black Knight, Monty Python's
Search For The Holy Grail

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