ANST-Announce - Viscount Galen & HL Allessandra's new address

Paul Mitchell pmitchel at
Thu Oct 21 08:51:17 PDT 1999

Great news!  We bought a house!

Effective 10/30/99, our new address will be:

Galen of Bristol & Allessandra Beatrice Desiderio

Paul & Karie Mitchell
6517 Tempest Drive
Arlington, TX  76001

We'll have a new phone number, too, but we don't
know what that number will be yet.

E-mail addresses remain:
pmitchel at
allessandre at

Please update your rosters, newsletters, address 
books, etc. accordingly.

This is an occasion of great rejoicing for both
of us.  Finally, we get to move out of our student

- Galen & Allessandra

John 20:21-23
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