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Mon Oct 25 18:31:15 PDT 1999

Greeting unto the Artisans of Ansteorra,

After reviewing the options for selecting the 20 static and 5 performing 
artisans to represent Ansteorra at Gulf War.  It has been decided to handle 
the selection process in the following manner.  15 representatives and 5 
alternates for the Static Arts will be chosen at Kngdom A&S, Nov. 6th.  Their 
Highnesses will be choosing the remaining 5 static artisians at Northern 
Regional Tribute, Feb. 12th.  The Performing artists will be chosen by 
competition at Candlemas, Feb 5th.  

In the past, the quantity & variety at Kingdom A & S has been much greater 
than the separate event held for Gulf War selection.  We have over 70 artists 
preregistered, with additional entries being accepted the day of the 
competition.  There are very few performing entries, so Bryn Gwlad has 
volunteered to host the performing selections at Candlemas.  Due to the short 
time between this announcement and Kingdom A & S.  Artisans who were not 
selected at Kingdom A & S, will have another chance at Northern Regional 
Tribute to fill one of the slots for Gulf War.  You do not have to attend 
either Kingdom  A&S or Northern Regional Tribute to enter your item.  You do 
not have to attend Gulf War to be chosen (except the performing arts, unless 
your projection is really good).  

I would appreciate it if all of you will pass this information on to any 
gentles not on this list.  If you have any further questions please contact 

In Service.
Mistress Anastassia
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