WR - Thanks to a big bunch of you!

Jane Lusk jlusk at crcom.net
Sun Oct 31 17:57:14 PST 1999

Greetings to my Western Region friends:

This is Jane from Big Spring (SCAka Elewys Luscomb).  We've gotten home
from the All Hallow's Eve event in Water Valley, TX, sponsored by the
Crossrode Keep shire of Big Spring.  As some of you know, my dad and
nephew were involved in a traffic accident there Saturday night. So,
this is a HUGE "thank you" to all the wonderful people there who helped
us out so very much.  I'm going to mention names here, because so many
of you need recognition of the help and support you gave me and my
family.  (The accident caused no injuries--it could have been so much
worse, and we are so thankful it wasn't--but it did strand me and a ton
of camping gear at the nice Water Valley Park.)

Safiye and Gavin--these wonderful folks came and got me at the
campground, and told us of the accident.  Safiye was extra caring for my
niece, who was very worried about her husband.  We were lucky to have
brought two vehicles to the event, so my dad was able to get back home
to Big Spring.  He was quite upset about the accident and wanted to go
on home, and I talked him into staying there, because so many of our
beautiful friends were  wanting to help us and were giving support.  It
was good for him to come home, because he's much better today, although
still so very sorry the accident happened.  Thank you, Safiye and Gavin.

Logan and Ian were the most chivalrous of gentlemen.  They came to help
as soon as they learned of the accident.  I hope you two wonderful
fellows know how helpful your hugs and support were.  They also helped
move all my stuff from the damaged pickup to the car.  You gentlemen are
the best.

Jim and Rose Armstead (sorry, I can't remember SCA names right now) --
They perfectly exemplify why SCA is considered one big family.  They
stayed with me while I waited for the tow truck from Big Spring to come
pick up my pickup (hmmm, I believe there might be a C&W song there
somewhere).  Jim was invaluable in helping my dad work through this.
Then, these beautiful people offered to haul my horse trailer back to
Big Spring the next day.  They hooked it onto the back of their camping
trailer.  These are special people.

Lord Aaron and Lady Britta--these fine folks hauled my horse trailer
from the accident site back to the campground.  They even offered to
pull it back to Big Spring, even though that would have been quite a
detour in their return home to Midland.  Thanks, you two, so very much.

Lady Marianna and Lord Stephen--they got me back to Big Spring this
morning.  They also are considered family (we Crossroders are a close
bunch!) and gave invaluable support to me and my dad.  Again, "thank
you" is so inadequate to convey how much your help was appreciated.

My family--Amy, Charlie, Joshua, Maggie, and Ann--this was their very
first event, and boy, did the SCA family come through to show what we're
like!  You all may want to know--they're hooked!  We've got 5 more
newbies, now.  My gratitude to them, too, for helping get ol' Aunt Jane
and her camping gear back home.  May our next event be a little less

So, my friends of the Western Region, I wanted to post this to show how
wonderful a group we are, and how very appreciated you all are to me and
my family.  It was a great event over all, made so by a bunch of very
special people.  I've probably forgotten some names, because everyone
there was so helpful, but all of you are considered friends and family.

My love to you all,

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