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Elspeth de Forbeys ladyforbeys at
Wed Aug 2 05:57:34 PDT 2000

  Lodovico is sponsoring a practical A & S competition
at Artisan. Here are the guidelines he has laid out.

I. Only one entry per person is allowed
    A. A person may enter a single item or a group of
items as a set. (i.e. pen and inkwell set) Whatever is
entered will be judged as a single entry.
    B. Anything may be entered, however the entry will
be judged on it's practical uses and applications.
        1. For instance while an illuminated document 
            can be entered, a set of hand made  
lettering pens would most likely score higher. Tools,
fixtures and appliances will tend to do better.

    C. Documentation is not required, but will add
significantly to the chances your entry will win or
place well. Creative lying will be appreciated, but
will not add to your score.

II. To enter, fill out the index card that fill be
provided.Include the following:
     A. Your SCA name.
     B. The name or a description of your entry.Be 
     C. Indicate Documentation included or
         Documentation not included on the card.

III. Attach the card to your entry , either with the
     string provided or by some other means so that
      judge will be able to see it.

      A. It is your responsibility to make sure the 
        judge can see the card. Not see, it is not 
         included in the competition.
      B. Make sure that documentation or supporting 
          materials are nearby or easily found.

      C. When in doubt, pretend the judge is a
          idiot and you won't go too far wrong.

IV.   You don't have to be near your entry for it to
be judged, but persons willing to discuss their entry
may fare better than those who don't.


yours in service,
Lady Elspeth de Forbeys
Aurum peccamenes multifariam texi

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