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Cad & Martha cadmartha at drbcom.com
Sat Aug 19 20:48:29 PDT 2000

I The Great Genghis Cad and my Most BEAUTIFUL Lady Marthe do send greetings.

We hope everyone is coming to Gothic 2K.  For those of you who cannot attend boy are you going to miss a great event.  For those you who are attending besides all the fighting,  A&S competion, fighting, bardic, and fighting we will (or our minions ) will host:

Middle Eastern Dance competition at our encampment Saturday evening.  We invite one and all to come and see the hospitality ( for the European currs that means party) or the Mongel Horde.

Teen Tavern with games and refreshments for the young lords and ladies Saturday evening.  Away from our encampment so they won't disturb us poor old folks.

Marthe is going to furnish a wading pool for the young children.  If you have children bring appropriate clothing.  ( Disclaimer)  No lifegaurd on duty enter pool at your own risk.  We will have a measuring device if you are over 4 feet tall you CANNOT play in our pool.  This means all of us old folks and especially you Sir Arron the leader of the poor European types.

Be there ore ( as in gold) be square
Genghis Cad and Genghisess Marthe de Blenkinsop ( Now doesn't that sound like a Mongel name?)

PS Chaing did we tell you this ?  No !!!!! Well read it here first.
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