ANST-Announce - Centurian Tournament at Gothic Wars

Don Wilkinson bjarnklo at
Wed Aug 23 09:47:25 PDT 2000

Heilsa Ansteorra,
  We are hosting a Bearpit Tournament on Sunday at Gothic War.  It is open to any non-belt and non-Centurians.  It will run anywhere from an hour to an hour and half.
  There is a fine English Long Sword up for the winner.  
  You will be awarded a point just for entering the pit, and a point for each victory.  Now the winner will be able to hold the field for 10, thats right 10 fights.
  You will also get an additional point for every different fighting style.
  1.  Weapon and shield
  2.  Single weapon
  3.  Florentine ( 2 weapon)
  4.  9' Spear (if Authorized)
  5.  Great Sword
  6.  Glaive
plus the centurians will be able to give 1 bonus point per fight for feats of Valor, Chivalry and Grace

Hope to see you there.
  HL Almarr Bjarnklo
Centurian of the Sable Star

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