ANST-Announce - Gothic Wars IX

William MacGillivray adlersruhe_vscribe at
Sun Aug 27 00:11:28 PDT 2000


    For those planning on attending Gothic Wars this next weekend, 
and those who are not sure about attending,(we might entice you to come!)

    There's lots of information about Gothic Wars IX on-line at: 

    The site has been recently updated with a list of merchants 
attending,(There will be a lot of great merchandise available!!!)
(you might want to bring a little extra cash! )

There's also some new A&S and tourney information,
as well as maps to site, and a printer-friendly version.

In Service,

William MacGillivray
 Virtual Scribe
  -Shire of Adlersruhe
  -Gothic Wars IX

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