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Jan Van Zandt mysticmarks at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 30 23:59:51 PDT 2000


Unto all those who are gathering items of interest for the great Amazon 
Chattel Auction I do send appreciation and thanks.

Through the kind and generous consent of the Autocrat, the mighty and 
wondrous Lord Chiang, the auction will be held early in the evening on 
Saturday.  If you have items for the auction, please be so kind as to check 
in with me or Mistress Marthe sometime during the day on Saturday so that we 
may prepare our auction schedule accordingly.
Previewing the goods is an honorable and accepted practice.

There is a change in the procedure this year.  A portion of the goods bid 
for the items of interest will be donated to the War Chest.  So ladies, 
gather your beads, baubles, what-nots, armour, horses, cattle, gold, silver 
and jewels, etc. and come prepared to have a fine time and make a 
contribution to the war effort.

In service I am

HE Janais L'orfevre
Amazon Household

Warmonger at heart
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