WR - HL Agnarr

Connie Fielder eleanor34 at webtv.net
Sun Feb 6 23:27:50 PST 2000

Greetings! Here is a quick update on HL Agnarr
Thorvaldsson.........Saturday, he had a coughing episode so bad that his
right lower lobe of his lung collapsed.....evidently, he's had
bronchitis for months and the meds they kept prescribing did not clear
up the infection in his lungs, so he slowly got worse.....he will
probably get out of ICU in a day or two, as he's finally showing signs
of some improvement. No word on when he'll be out of the hospital. He
and Linda would like to thank all those who have called and emailed, as
well as those who have paid him a visit.


Baroness Eleanor de Broke

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