WR - Fighter Practice

Tiffany Geisendorff thebrutely1 at juno.com
Sat Feb 12 13:24:16 PST 2000

Larking said:
>Is there going to be a Regional Fighter Practice this Sunday at Big
Logan said:
>Well, me and Britta had discussed one, but we never had time to actually
put one together. Officially, no... but... Aaron and Britta and I don't
know who else from Blacklake are coming this Sunday, so what do you say
we have an "unofficial" one? Sounds like fun to me...

Basically, it is just a fighter practice that a bunch of us are
attending.  If we can get enough together, we'll work on melees.  Of
course, Aaron just wants to hit people, so more the merrier.

Currently, the only regional practice is next Sunday after Bards and
Arts.  However, I'm trying to schedule another one for March 4 or 5th in
Big Spring.  I figure Sunday(5th) will be the best, about 1:30 pm.  YES
or NO?

I don't expect to catch everyone at one time, so I want to have several
practices in an attempt work with as many of us at one time as we can.  


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