WR - [Fwd: Rapier Practice]

Marcus Hite mbhite at arn.net
Sun Feb 20 16:01:42 PST 2000

JEvans5420 at aol.com wrote:

> Lord Marshals et al,
>     I have just been informed that Bjornsburg wants to sponsor the very last
> Rapier war practice before all of us go trooping off to war.  The practice
> will be held at the Lyoness site on Sunday.  So, everybody, please come and
> enjoy Lyoness, and then stay to hone your fencing skill the day before you
> leave for war.  If you are not going to war, you are more than welcome to be
> fodder for those who are.  So, please come one, come all to Lyoness, and stay
> for the Sunday fighter practice.
> Harry - Bjornsburg Rapier Marshal.
> P.S. - If you could please inform the people in your area of this, I would be
> thankful.  Also, there may be heavy weapons practice, too.

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