ANST-Announce - Don't forget! Sunday, after Lyonness! JEvans5420 at
Mon Feb 28 20:18:41 PST 2000

Hello all,
    Please don't forget about  the very last Rapier war practice before all 
of us go trooping off to war. The practice will be held at the Lyonness site 
on Sunday.  So, everybody, please come and enjoy Lyoness, and then stay to 
hone your fencing skill the day before you leave for war.  If you are not 
going to war, you are more than welcome to be fodder for those who are.  So, 
please come one, come all to Lyoness, and stay for the Sunday fighter 
practice.  And, if the heavy fighters are not to tired, there will be space 
for you guys, too.

More reminders will be forth coming.
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