WR - Sundered Shield

Barbara G Haire knotwork at juno.com
Mon Jul 10 21:45:52 PDT 2000

Those who missed the Sundered Shield tourney missed a nice little event
that reminded me of how the Western Region used to be in the "good old
days."  There was good fighting, good feasting. and good company; and it
was a pleasure to see so many truly chivalrous gentlemen!  It was really
nice to see Sir Dorn again after his long absence.  The children were
well-behaved, and the atmosphere was relaxed and "laid back."

Okay, so there was a chili cook-off going on beside us, including some
guy dressed up like a chili-pepper and pretending to talk for a rooster
(And they say WE are weird!),  and I was eaten alive by chiggers, but it
was still a fine day.  Thanks to the SHIRE of Crossrodes Keep for a great

HE Joanna Montgomery

P.S.  Just out of curiosity, did anyone but me get chiggers?  I seem to
be a bug magnet. but with about 100 bites (and you wouldn't believe where
some of them are!), I can't imagine that everybody else got away
unscathed.  From now on, when y'all see me at an event, please make me
put on some repellent.  I hate the stuff, but I never want to suffer like
this again!  Calamine lotion and Chiggerex aren't providing much relief. 
Does anyone know a good treatment?  


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