WR - Sunday Melee's in Bonwicke

Kevin W jasper1420 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 13 12:24:04 PDT 2000

Greetings to the West,
   Lord Jasper here,
   I would like to announce that this coming Sunday the 16th. We will hold 
Sunday Melee's in Bonwicke!!!
If you are weary of the same old fighter practices, fighting the same old 
people, Take the short drive to our fair Barony and enjoy a day of fighting 
and fun. Bring all of your toys, arrows too for all of you archers out 
there. I plan to have as many melee's as your endurance can stand and in 
several scenarios, including bridge battles, open field, and melee's that 
are weapon specific (all poles, mixed and multiple weapon styles only, ect.) 
If you have been wishing you could enjoy some great team battles without 
driving to an event, then this Sunday in Bonwicke is where you can find 
them. Melee's all day!!!
This is not limited to Heavy. In case anyone has not noticed, someone threw 
water on one of our light fighters and before we knew it we had 7 lights 
coming to practice on a regular basis..no joke!!! I am sure that if you have 
been wanting to get in some great light fighting and come and impress our 
new light fighters with your skills that much fun would be had by all. All 
drummers bring your drums as there is nothing quite like fighting to the 
sound of them!!
   The site is our regular Sunday Practice site at Maxey park in town. If 
you would like further directions respond to this invitation and I will get 
them to you.
Please come. It will be a great time and camaraderie among friends!

Until we meet...
Lord Jasper
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