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rstarkey rstarkey at camalott.com
Fri Jul 21 13:30:39 PDT 2000

In order that the Western Region will be in compliance and we all can beat
each other with sticks, I am willing to travel to give inspecting and field
marshal authorization classes to any in the WR who need them.  I am also
willing to bring my armor....

Drop me an email if your people need the classes, and we can come to a time
and place.

KM, Mendersham
Authorization Marshal (Heavy)

Heilsa all Ansteorran Marshals and Fighters...
>There has, of late, been a substantial problem as regards Warranted
>and "legal" Local Fighter Practices.
>Local groups have only one Warranted Knight Marshal. Many do not have any
>Knights holding the Authorizing Marshal certification, or an Authorizing
>Marshal within their territory. This can be a problem when the Local
>Warranted Knight Marshal cannot make every practice for whatever reason.
>Many Local Knight Marshals are active fighters and no one can ask them to
>effectively stop fighting tournaments and melees for their two year tenure.
>Yet, Kingdom Law _requires_ a Warranted Knight Marshal to attend all
>official functions where there is active Combat. It's a miserable "Catch
>Here is the solution (at least until a better idea comes along).
>In consultation with the Kingdom Seneschal, Master Richard Fairborne, the
>Earl Marshal does set the following policy:
>Effective immediately, 20 JULY 2000, All Official Local Fighter Practices
>will be considered legally convened when the following listed conditions
>1. The Local Fighter Practice must be published in either the Local
>newsletter or the Black Star stating location, date, and time.
>2. The Local Knight Marshal, holding at least Inspection Marshal
>certification in the form of a current Authorization Card, and listed on
>Warrant Roster is present at the location of the Local Fighter Practice at
>the stated date and time.
>OR (in conjunction with condition 1.)
>3. An Authorizing Marshal, with current Authorization Card, and listed on
>the Warrant Roster is present at the location of the Local Fighter Practice
>at the stated date and time.
>OR WHEN (in conjunction with condition 1.)
>4. A Marshal, holding, at a minimum, Inspection Marshal certification in
>form of a current Authorization Card AND any other current Warranted
>of the Local Group are both present at the location of the Local Fighter
>Practice at the stated date and time. The Warranted Officer must remain for
>the entire duration of the Local Fighter Practice.
>5. There will be no fighting whatsoever at the published location and
>specific date, at any time on that date, if the above stated conditions are
>not met.
>6. When the Warranted Marshal, Warranted Officer, or Inspection Marshal
>leaves the Fighter Practice location either temporarily or for the day all
>fighting must cease until the above stated conditions can be reestablished.
>7. If the above stated conditions cannot be reestablished then all fighting
>must end for that date and location.
>8. Any group found to be in non-compliance with this policy will be subject
>to possible sanction.
>9. This policy applies only to Official Local Fighter Practices. It does
>apply to "private" fighter practices, nor to non-published
>open-to-the-public fighter practices.
>Please send any comments, suggestions or complaints privately to the Earl
>Marshal, Sir Kief av Kiersted.
>Wæs Þu Hæl kinfolk...!
>Kief - EM Ansteorra
>"Better the Hammer than the nail..."
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