ANST-Announce - Kingdom Seneschal hospitalized

Vicki Marsh XaraXene at
Thu Jun 1 19:11:57 PDT 2000

Mistress Xene here,

Master Richard Fairbourne is in the hospital in Duncanville.  He took a fall
in his back yard and his bad ankle went out - yes, the one that he had
chipped before.  He is undergoing x-rays to determine if it is a really bad
sprain or a break.

If you are trying to call him at home, or e-mail him, he is out of touch.
He wanted me to let you all know that if you need to talk to him, to please
call me.  I'm his Emergency Replacement Deputy and can be reached at

Also, I will monitor my e-mail regularly.

In Service,


(Yes, I had a moment of panic when his wife called and said that he was in
the hospital.  There used to be another term for this office, you know!!)
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