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Your Knight, Sir Aaron, wishes to know the well-being of his squire.  He asked if you were still alive.  All dead squires must report their demise ASAP.  Those squires not reporting such will be used as Ballistas at the next Gulf War.  Blackthorne.
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    Date: Wednesday, June 14, 2000 11:55 PM
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    Just wanted to make you aware (in case you haven't been following the shire mailing list) that I announced at populace that I will be stepping down as Knights Marshal very soon, and am currently looking for a replacement. So far, no one has shown an interest in taking the ofice, leaving us with quite a predicament. To make matters even more complicated, Shannon made the same announcement about A&S Minister. If you could, please help find replacements for us both. I haven't sent in my letter of resignation to Chiang yet, but I plan to do so in the rather near future.
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