WR - Fw: Hale Center Fighter Call!

Steve and Kay Oyler oyler at crcom.net
Wed Jun 21 04:28:26 PDT 2000

Will forward this to Jack.
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Subject: Re: WR - Fw: Hale Center Fighter Call!

>You can count on Vallust and I being there, plus two kids.  We can
>also supply the pavilion(s).
>To anyone who is coming:  please bring A&S items, such as needlework,
>armor, costumes, etc., etc., etc.  We need to show all the different
>things we do. We have 4 6-ft. tables to set up for display.  This is
>like doing the Lubbock Arts Festival or the Abilene Festival.
>In Service to Christ and Crown,
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>Subject: WR - Fw: Hale Center Fighter Call!
>> Received this from SCA brother in plainview.  I think this needs to
>go to
>> Western  Region for fighter support.    Blackthorne
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>> Date: Sunday, June 18, 2000 12:41 PM
>> Subject: Thanks mom.
>> >
>> >From:  "Jack Huskey" <jackhuskey at hotmail.com>
>> >To:  dan at wheeler.net
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>> >Subject:  First of july mini-tourney.
>> >Date:  Sat, 17 Jun 2000 17:51:04 CDT
>> >Greetings to the leaders of the groups to my north and south. Thank
>you for
>> >your attentions.
>> >
>> >Be it known that my mouth has written a check that my butt can't
>cash.  You
>> >see, here in plainview we had about 12 people who were interested
>in SCA
>> >type activity.  Well, in early june 8 of them left for huston.
>> >
>> >I was counting on those for some help at the Hale center event on
>the first
>> >of july.  I have promised an SCA type activity at thier annual
>> It
>> >used to be a strictly country, banjo, fiddle thing but one of the
>> organizers
>> >has told me they are looking for a younger crowd.
>> >He then asked me if I could arrange for an SCA thing at the
>festival.  With
>> >the support of the whole hee haw gang, I knew I could do it.  Well,
>I just
>> >lost 8 bodies, a pavailion, 1 fighter and a buncha pretty baubles
>> people
>> >to explain SCA to the crowds.
>> >
>> >What I would need.  Fighters, a pavalion, hospitalers, people with
>> >to demonstrate, ballroom dancers.  Experience in running a demo.
>> >with more charisma than me to keep this together for a day.
>> >Where/when I need them.  A clearly marked park in Hale center which
>> about
>> >halfway between plainview and Lubbock so about 80 miles from
>> >What I can offer.  A: the project manager expects about 700-1000
>people to
>> >attend this.  Good hospitlers can add a good bit to your groups if
>> work
>> >this crowd.  B:  Free Food.  If anybody gets an email to me saying
>> will
>> >be there and it is in my e-mail box B4 4 pm this thursday they will
>get a
>> >free meal provided by the fest people.
>> >C: If I can get enought stick jocks to have a real tourney, the
>fest people
>> >will provide a trophy if you think anyone will be interested.
>> >D:  also, enough stick jocks get involved and I will offer $50 to
>> >winner, I know cash might be in bad taste but if you have better
>> >suggestions,  Let me know.
>> >
>> >I will be at lubbock FP tommorow, and hope I can get some help
>there.  I
>> >have taken a look at the calender and it looks kinda bare so
>hopefully I
>> can
>> >get a buncha help here.
>> >
>> >Thanks in advance.
>> >
>> >Jack
>> >SKA Falco
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
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