WR - Rapier Tourney at Sundered Shield

rlportwood rlportwood at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 22 09:58:56 PDT 2000

I have been given the go ahead to host a rapier tournament for Sundered Shield at Water Valley Park the weekend of July 7th-9th. There will be several prizes given.  The one thing that is really needed, though, is a warranted rapier marshal.  At this time, Crossrode Keep does not have one.  Any volunteers?
If you are interested in competing in this light tourney, please post on the list.  If there is not enough interest, there won't be any reason to prepare for one.  Also, let's throw ideas around on what kind of tourney you all would like to have.  Being that the heavy tourney has something to do with shields, maybe we could come up with a scenario having to do with bucklers.

We now take you back to your regularly scheduled program...

In Service to Christ and Crown,
Baroness de Bonwicke
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