WR - Rapier Tourney at Sundered Shield

Charlie Cain larkin at webstar.net
Thu Jun 22 11:41:49 PDT 2000

> rlportwood wrote:
> Greetings!
> I have been given the go ahead to host a rapier tournament for
> Sundered Shield at Water Valley Park the weekend of July 7th-9th.
> There will be several prizes given.  The one thing that is really
> needed, though, is a warranted rapier marshal.  At this time,
> Crossrode Keep does not have one.  Any volunteers?

But of course, your excellency.  As long as the heavy and light
tourneys are not run at the same time I will play and I can marshall
the tourney as well.  You will also need a list mistress, although I
doubt you will have trouble finding one.

As always,

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