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Fri Jun 30 22:54:10 PDT 2000

Greetings from Mistress Aslyn Crystyn, newly appointed Deputy Star Signet in
Charge of Original Manuscript Production and Education.

    I write to you today with news of prodigious portent!

    It is my great pleasure to bring you an overview of a new system of
original manuscript production which we are implementing in our Kingdom.
With this new system also comes a range of services and opportunities
including instruction in calligraphy and illumination; new instructional
material;  supplies;  a mentoring program; a tiered approach to creating
original manuscripts; and databases geared to networking our scribes,
identifying eligible manuscript recepients, and addressing our backlog

    Our initial and most vital goal is growing new scribes.  To accomplish
that, I am traveling the Kingdom teaching classes in calligraphy to any
group who wishes to learn.  I am most pleased to announce that Brad Leah has
requested to be the first group to host this historic quest.  Thus, I will
be visiting Brad Leah this Sunday evening.  Thank you, Lady Gwenhuyvar verch
Morgant Dedwydd for organizing this event!  If your group would like an
individual calligraphy class, please contact me.

    It is our goal to provide our new scribes with the basic materials
necessary to begin their scribal careers.  To that end (and as long as
limited funds allow), we wish to provide our scribes with cartridge pens
(dip pens & ink later) and grid paper.  Also, I am in the process of asking
various scribes throughout the Kingdom to create a new type of  Ductus - an
primer for creating period calligraphic alphabets - which will be available.

    To further support our scribes through these and the next phases of our
program, we are instituting a network of experienced mentors who stand ready
to guide our scribes through their initial and continuing steps in designing
and creating original manuscripts.  It is our goal that no new scribe will
face their first steps alone.  Additionally, we wish to create two separate
tracks of mentors who specialize in creating either manuscript pages, or
legal documents, so that scribes and their recepients may chose either
period form and style.  Individuals interested in becoming a mentor may also
contact me at the address listed above.

    In speaking with scribes (and would be scribes), we have learned that
many, many scribes are terribly frightened of designing and creating
original - mainly Peerage - manuscripts.  My Laurel, Mistress Lasair, can
tell you many stories of my early doubts and fears in ever *ever* creating
*any* _Charter_ design....much less an *original*!  Through her I learned
the value of unconditional support and guidance.  I also learned the value
of working my way through projects I thought were impossible.

    Accordingly, we are implementing a "step" system of creating original
scrolls by creating new opportunities for scribes to create original
scrolls, and new levels of recepients as well.

    First, we are asking scribes to create _small_, AoA level "blanks".
These original scrolls would be original manuscripts with either calligraphy
and illumination, or in a legal document format.  The scribe would then not
fill in the areas which are left blank in our Charters so that our Sable
Scroll can then fill them in prior to the event.

    Next, we will begin to offer original manuscripts to Grant level award
recepients.  We will ask our now experienced scribes to create somewhat more
elaborate, _Grant_ level original manuscripts.  The same rules regarding
leaving areas blank will apply to this level of scroll as well.  Also, the
scribe may chose to create a manuscript page, or a legal document.

    Finally, now that our scribes have had several opportunities to create
manuscripts, work with a supporting mentor, and broaden their knowledge and
skills.  We will then ask our most experienced scribes to create our Peerage

    At all phases, we ask that scribes present a 8 1\2 x 11" color copy of
their representative and\or current work to this office.

    In addition, we are implementing a system created to notify those
scribes who wish to do original manuscripts for an individual at a specific
event to be notified in a timely manner of the Crown's decision on the award
recommendation (details on this will be provided in a separate document).

    The Third Phase of our program involves database administration.
Although some information regarding original manuscripts and the backlog was
collected many years ago, it is either old and outdated, inaccurate, or
unavailable.  While I understand that it will be frustrating to many to
provide this information, I think it is necessary that we begin with a fresh
Within the next few weeks we will be forwarding surveys to every Seneschal
in the Kingdom, and will have such document availabe on line.  We also hope
to have this information printed in the Black Star.  From there, we will
begin anew.

    Lastly, may I address the Charter painters of our Kingdom:

    Friends:  I want to re-emphasize the deep gratitude that our Kingdom has
for your most valued artistry and service.  Your selfless service graces
Ansteorra with anywhere from 250 to 450 awards per Reign.  By offering this
opportunity for further service and artistic development, we are not
attempting to take away that which is a means of service (and learning
valuable illumination skills) which so very many of you dearly love.  This
is merely another avenue for growth and service.....and a long term
investment in our Kingdom.  Together, we will continue to serve a graceful

        This is a bold undertaking, and one that is worthy of a Kingdom such
as this.

        I ask for your faith.  I ask for your courage.  I ask you to stretch
the limits of your imagination.

        I ask you to learn the value of working your way through something
many think is impossible.

I leave you now to think upon these things.

    In all things I remain your servant,


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