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Wed May 3 14:40:54 PDT 2000

Galen of Bristol here!

I've gotten a number of questions about the plan for the Bardic
Competition at Elfsea Spring Faire, to be held May 13th, at the 
1st Mondays site in Canton, TX.

This note should be considered to override any rumors, any previous
posts by me or anybody else, and anything I've told you directly.

1.  The competition will be held Saturday night, after court & feast
& court -- I expect it to start late, and go late.

2.  The setting will be outdoors, as I understand it, the autocrats
will have arranged someplace with a fire for us.

3.  There is no theme for this competition.  I am the judge, and I
will be seeking the opinion of the current Bard of Elfsea, Lord
Gurin, and possibly others.  I will be judging on several criteria,

   a.  Did I enjoy it?
   b.  Was it a good performance?  Audible, engaging, sincere, etc.?
   c.  Did the performer write his own piece?  (If so, did he do
a good job of writing it?)
   d.  Is this piece authentic?  Might I have heard something like
this in my period?  Or might you have performed something like
this in your period?  (Documentation is welcome, but it'll probably
be too dark to read anyway, so don't go to any trouble.)
   e.  What has this performer done for me lately?  (No, wait, just 

The first 2 of these are probably the most important, but none of them
will be indespensible.

I expect a goodly number of competitors, so it will probably be
a single-piece competition, one performance from each entrant.
I may ask two or three entrants to do a second performance if we 
have a hard time coming to a conclusion.

4.  I expect to announce the winner immediately at the conclusion
of the competition, but plan on coming to Sunday morning court
for your prizes and regalia.

5.  There is a VERY SPECIAL PRIZE for this year's Bard of Elfsea.
We need a very good Bard to be worthy of this prize.  I'm not at
liberty to announce what the prize is; you'll find out at court on Sunday

6.  As I've said before, I myself am a former Bard of Elfsea, and of
Dragonsfire Tor, and a former Premier Bard of Ansteorra.  The
stature and dignity of my barony, as well as my own overweaning
ego, demand the best bard I can find.  Is that you?  We'll look forward
to seeing you there.

- Galen of Bristol
Baron-elect of Elfsea
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