WR - Victory !!!!!

Connie Fielder eleanor34 at webtv.net
Sun May 7 21:12:16 PDT 2000

For all of those who could not make Conquest this weekend, you missed a
stupendous event!!!! The generosity, courtesy and chivalry displayed on
and off the field of battle was exemplary! The Shire of Brad Leah worked
their tails off all weekend so that we, their visitors, could come away
with lasting memories of a fabulous time and a delicious feast!
Outstanding! VIVAT Brad Leah!!!!

To my captain Ld Chiang, words cannot convey my heartfelt gratitude for
all that you did this weekend! You have brought only good things upon
yourself, my lord. To my army,  my mercenaries from Scarlet Phoenix, my
archers, my kick@$$ rapiers, my artisans, my ladies-in-waiting, my
bagpiper, you have all earned my deepest respect and my sincerest
appreciation. How lucky I was to be served by such hardworking and
faithful lords and ladies! You ALL displayed what is good and right
about this game that we play! For the honor and hard earned victory that
you brought to me and the West,  I SALUTE YOU!!!!!

I remain,

Eleanor de Broke
Baroness of the Court of Ansteorra

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