ANST-Announce - AD: SCA/Estrella Documentary Complete

Daniel Rowland mjolnir at
Wed May 10 02:06:45 PDT 2000

Hear ye!  Hear Ye!!

 Estrella War
An SCA Documentary

Is finished!!!!!!!!After three long months of production the movie is
complete.  This documentary is not only a documentary about Estrella War

but an overview of the SCA as a whole.  It includes
interview footage of Duke Sir James Greyhelm talking about the first war

and other interesting facts about the SCA.  It is an overview of all of
the different aspects of the SCA.  It includes Archery,
Arts & Sciences, Rapier, Partying, Entertainers, and last but certainly
not least...Heavy fighting.  This documentary is not only for those of
us who attended Estrella War but for everyone.  It is a perfect
video to show your friends and families to explain what we do.  So tell
your friends, tell your enemies, and pass the info to all who might be
interested.  Emerald Tankard Productions is proud to present

Estrella War
An SCA Documentary
(48 Minutes)

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