WR - Thanks for Conquest

Connie Fielder eleanor34 at webtv.net
Fri May 12 07:43:27 PDT 2000

My lord Captain,

I commend you for your loyal service, and most honorable and chivalrous
display both on and off the field of battle. Your brothers of the rapier
did also bring great victory to England, as too did Ly Kate de la Heyt
in the Arts and Sciences. A combined effort by my followers brought
honor to this great cause and victory to our good region of the West.

I will share one special memory from that most memorable feast, Lord
Captain; while at the table with our Royal Cousins and their
 consorts, and enjoying the bounty of this new world, I did hear the
distant playing of the pipes wafting through the open doors of the hall.
Even now, that very memory does fill my gladdened heart with pride and
joy. For indeed, I had Scots both in my chivalric and rapier armies, and
they fought with the determination of the tried and  true. As well, Lord
Captain, you were piped into each round of the tourney, adding ambience
to the setting and stirring up the blood in battle. To His Lordship
Olias, THANK YOU for making memories for me and all those who shared the
events of this weekend past!    

My Lord Captain, you could never disappoint me! With honor, you helped
bring sweet victory to us all..............

by my hand,


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