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D & K Arrington strmridr at satx.rr.com
Sun May 14 09:49:38 PDT 2000

Xiansheng Chaing,

I would have LOVED to have seen you in tights.  That way, I could have reported
another "eunuch-in-training" to his most August Personage, Shianti's
Representative on Earth, Genghis Cad.  His most August and Serene Majesty would
have loved to have another eunuch in the court; after all, someone must deliver
the "fruit' baskets to the high table...

Xiansheng, you WILL see me at Gothic.  Most certainly.... <g>

Thorgrim, returning from an 8 year voyage in Drachenwald (Dragons be There)...

Genghis Cad de Xuesheng
(Genghis Cad's student, to those of you who don't read Pinyin Chinese [I'd use
the Chinese characters, but NOBODY would understand this missive at that

P.P.S.  Not to worry, Chiang; there are many mundane institutions that are
looking for UNIX programmers....<g>

Chiang wrote:

>   If you guys were so anxious to see me in tights, you should have come to
> the event and supported the English army. There were a few times when I
> could have used a few more fighters.
>   Chiang
>   Western Regional Knight Marshal
>   Autocrat for Gothic 2000 (G2K)
>   "Our Enemies Teach Us Life's Most Valuable Lessons"
> -----Original Message-----
> And did anyone get pictures of Chaing in tights?  I know of  a web site or
> three
> that would LOVE to share them with the world.
> Larkin
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