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Wed May 17 16:23:16 PDT 2000

It is now 37 days and counting till Knowne World Heraldic Symposium in
Houston, TX. on June 23-25th.    This is the premier Heraldry and Scribal
opportunity with over 30 classes and teachers from 8 kingdoms.     Last
time it was held in Ansteorra was 10 years ago.

Don't wait!!     till the last minute as dorm space *AND* meal reservations
are filling up now.   Get the registration page off the website or request
it in **direct return e-mail**, fill it out and mail it , with your check
attached.     We will accept post dated checks (dated no later than June
23rd, date of event) with your mailed registration.

I must have your registration in my hand by June 1st  in order to guarantee
you a dorm room and/or meals the weekend of the event.  If you miss the
deadline, dorm space and meals will be on an 'availability basis'.  With 7
other conferences being held at Rice campus the same weekend, space is
coming at a premium.     Do not expect to get a dorm room or meals the the
day of the event.   If you plan to stay elsewhere than the campus,  you
still need to reserve the meals you want for the day... there is no
food-court cafeteria available; else you will have to drive offcampus or
bring your own food.

Check out the webpage for further information and class list at   or your May or June BlackStars.          Do it
now!  Don't procrastinate!  Send your registration page in now!
Thank you.  Mstr. Hillary Greenslade     Autocrat

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