WR - Seneschal Class

Steve and Kay Oyler oyler at crcom.net
Thu May 18 21:38:02 PDT 2000

That's a good idea, and one can be there as well, but I know that there are
a number of them out there that need it now, if not yesterday!

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>If I may, I would suggest holding a clkass at the Western Region A & S.
>Everyone will be in "take a class mode" there. No fighting either.
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>Greetings from the Western Regional Seneschal:  I have tried at various
>events to hold a Seneschal class, but due to rain, wind, fighting and
>watching the entertainment these classes have not occurred most of the
>time.  I would like to either meet here in Big Spring some time or
>perhaps go to some larger area on a weekend I have off and do a few of
>these classes.  I know of a number of people who need them.  Please
>remember that in order to be an Autocrat or Seneschal you have to have
>this class.  I know a number of you need one.  Please contact me
>privately so we can get this taken care of.

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