WR - Steppes Warlord

Barbara G Haire knotwork at juno.com
Mon May 29 15:32:22 PDT 2000

Those of you that didn't make it to Steppes Warlord missed another
memorable event!  We had a storm, complete with high winds, rain, and a
tornado scare that forced everyone (including horses) into the Civic
Center, which meant almost everyone at the event was at court. Among the
awards presented at that court, Mistress Muireall FitzLloyd, one of the
founding members of Mendersham, was made a Court Baroness.  We can all be
proud that such an outstanding and worthy lady began her SCA career in
our shire and that she and Their Majesties all started out in the Western
Region.  Their grace and talents have truly enriched our Kingdom. 
Congratulations Muireall!

I have more good stories from Warlord, tales of chivalry and kindness and
valor, which I will share if asked and will treasure in my heart.  Thank
you to everyone who makes my life richer for the playing of this game.

HE Joanna Montgomery

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