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Barbara G Haire knotwork at juno.com
Mon May 29 20:06:21 PDT 2000

Thank you for sharing another wonderful memory of a time that could have
been more traumatic had we not all pulled togerher.  I want to thank you
and Clinton again for all you did for me when the storm hit.  I am glad
losses were slight.  Without the two of you, my losses would have been
devastating.  Your timely arrival saved my stock and my sanity!  A grown
man could not have been more help to me than Clinton was in helping break
down the booth and pack up before the storm.  He was very brave and
level-headed throughout the whole crisis.  Thank you so much for your
help, kindness, care, and friendship.  


On Mon, 29 May 2000 18:49:37 -0500 (CDT) eleanor34 at webtv.net (Connie
Fielder) writes:
> Your Excellency, this was indeed a Warlord for the records! The 
> tornado
> sirens in the midst of tearing down your merchant booth certainly 
> picked
> up our tempo! With the Lord's help, all was salvaged, the exception
> being the camera that was left behind in the mad dash up to the 
> Civic
> Center.......the sight of horses in the CC was startling, but the 
> sight
> of Canton residents piling in with the rest of us really brought 
> home
> the point that we were all in very real danger.
> But of all the heroic things that transpired during the weekend, 
> there
> is one that I want to share with the West; as the storm intensified
> overhead, parents were asked to gather in the bathrooms in the CC 
> for
> further safety. There were some upset children, but most were just
> apprehensive. Centurion Brita had Alex and Kaylie in a stall with 
> her,
> and I stood just outside along the wall with Clinton, when I heard a
> father ask his 2 young sons if they wanted to pray. They did, and 
> then
> from out of nowhere he produced a guitar and with his boys made his 
> way
> to the center of the crowded bathroom. He reminded us that no matter 
> how
> rough things got, we were not alone. He asked we all sing along to 
> some
> songs to help alleviate our fears; the first song was 'He's got the
> whole world in His hands". The sound of children and parents singing
> this song, with lights going off and on, and the roar of the winds
> outside is a memory I shall never forget. And all because one father
> reached out to calm the fears of those crowded in a bathroom. We 
> were
> family..............there are so many other memories, but this one
> reminded me of why I play........the Dream was alive and well at
> Warlord..... 
> Baroness Eleanor de Broke
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