WR - A Call Arms to the Soldiers of the Western Region!!

Kevin W jasper1420 at hotmail.com
Wed May 31 06:19:39 PDT 2000

  Greetings Again to the Soldiers of the Western Region,
     This is your Western Regional Warlord. I am currently seeking a list 
from every Shire in the West of those attending Gulf Wars X! If you will be 
attending the War next year please let me know by a response to this missive 
or through personal e-mail. If you have a retinue or a household that 
follows you into battle, let me know! My goal is to organize the Western 
Region into the largest most aggressive fighting unit that the Kingdom will 
see on the field at the War. Conscripts have already been sent through out 
the kingdom to gather mercenaries to fight with us! Upon receiving the names 
and groups of those who will be attending I will be creating units by Shire 
and will be appointing Sergeants to be sub commanders under me at the war, 
each Sergeant will be presented with a unit sash marked by his Shires coat 
of arms. These sergeants will be responsible for training and keeping his 
unit members prepared for war. The units themselves will also carry sashes 
marked with the arms of the Western Region. I will be assembling these Shire 
units as soon as I have received responses from those who will be attending. 
I have already appointed a Lieutenant in Command of the Archers of the 
Western Region, Lady Orianna Francesco. I am also in need of a Lieutenant of 
Field Artillery, this officer will be in charge of the ballistas and siege 
engines that the West will be bring to the war. If any one thinks they can 
handle this position please let me know. This is the second time I have sent 
this message, the first courier must have been either gotten lost or was 
killed because I have heard nothing from anyone regarding my first message! 
Please respond to this so that we can begin forming units and training for 
what promises to be the best Gulf Wars ever!!! I will be making peronal 
trips to each Shire throughout the region over the course of the summer to 
both recruit and to train those who wish to join me and my mercenary 
companions on the battle fields at Gulf War X!! Lets show the Kingdom of 
Ansteorra the pride and the ability of the Western Region!
I eagerly await your replies!

Lord Jasper Codrington
Western Regional Warlord
Squire to Sir Aaron MacGregor

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