WR - Seneschal's/Autocrat/TreasurerClasses

Jacque jacquelight at cableone.net
Tue Apr 3 16:38:07 PDT 2001

    Master Richard has confirmed that he will be at Champions (formerly Octavian) to teach the Seneshal class.  He has also said he would teach an Autocrats class for those needing it for upcoming events.  He even stuck his neck out and said he would teach a Regional type Senechal class for those interested in applying for the Regional position. (Heh...we will tie him to a tree and bring him snacks all day!)
    Also, Centurion Krag had said he would be teaching a Treasurer's class for those needing it.  

Sounds like a busy day, but an informative one.  Please be sure to pass this on to your populace!


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