[Western] Sewing bees

Jane Lusk jlusk at crcom.net
Fri Dec 7 21:04:45 PST 2001

Greetings unto All!

The Shire of Crossrode Keep is gearing up the old sewing bees again.
With a very special Coronation on the horizon, we thought folks might be
wanting to fashion new duds, or fix up old ones, or work on some special
project for the big event.  If you'd like to join us where there's
plenty of room for whatever you want to do, we'd be glad for your
company!  The Crossrode Keepers will be working on site tokens and
banners for Coronation, and if any of you would like to help with these,
please come on down.

WHEN:  Saturday, December 15, 2001, and again on Saturday, January 5,
2002.  We've got the Hall for the whole day,
so please come around 9:00am and stay as long as you want.

WHERE:  Fellowship Hall, First Presbyterian Church, Big Spring, TX,
located at the intersection of 7th and Runnels Streets.  The easiest way

to get there is to come into Big Spring on Hwy 87.  Stay on it until it
becomes S Gregg Street through Big Spring. Stay on S Gregg until you get

to W 7th St, and turn east.  Continue east on 7th St. till you get to
Runnels St.  Stop at that big, Gothic-styled building.  The door we'll
be using is the glass door on the north end of the building, the 7th
Street side.  CAUTION: Big Spring has two 7th streets!  If you're coming

from the north, skip NW 7th, and continue on south till you drive over
the viaduct, then start looking for W 7th St.   An easily visible
landmark is the "Skipper Travel" sign--turn east there.

Hope to see you there!

Your friend,
Ldy Elewys Luscomb
Hospitaller, Shire of Crossrode Keep
(If you have questions, or need further info, please contact me at this
jlusk at crcom.net)

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