[Western] New to the list

HL Kainin Tepesa kainin at copycraft.com
Fri Nov 9 14:06:30 PST 2001

>Well, if I may. Would not the period way to handle such an offense
>be to give him
>a fair and impartial trail, say at 12th night, then after he is found guilty,
>(that's the period part, we've already decided that he is guilty),
>his naked body
>can be covered in say bread and he could be turned loose at the park
>to be pecked
>to death by the wintering ducks and geese.
>This punishment does seem the only jest way to handle the offense.
>Bjorn the Barrister

Yeah . . . yeah . . . YEAH!!!!  Hang the dirty dog!

Ummm, who were we talking about again??


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