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A map to the site is on the Mendersham web page
(www.geocities.com/Area51/Realm/9469/).  Click on Calendar of Events and that
will take you to the map ( www.geocities.com/Area51/Realm/9469/calendar.html )
We will be at one of the large pavillions past the baseball fields.  Off of I-
20, follow the signs to Hwy 36, Abilene Zoo, Abilene Expo Center.  (I think
that it is exit 290 off of I-20).  Take the exit off of the 322 loop to Hwy 36,
and Nelson Park is across from the Expo Center.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Ryah, KM, Mendersham

>    Greetings,
> I am wanting to remind everyone of the Regional Fighter Practice set for 1
> Dec. It will be held in Mendersham, at their regular fighter practice site.
> I am expecting members of the Fray unit to show up to help and fight with
> us. Their Royal Highnesses have said that they will try to show up too. All
> in all it should be a busy day.
>    The Fray hope to arrive about 1:00 PM. I would like for everyone else to
> be there about that time too.
>    We will be working with movements in units, the different commands and
> other type of unit stuff. I will also be doing any type of authorizations
> too, that need to be gotten done. Do not wait till the last minute to get
> authorized or to get your card updated.
>    Even if you do not plan on going to Gulf Wars, please show up to practice
> with us. More and more events are starting to do melee fighting. There is
> also a slow but continous Kingdom wide shift to more war related activites.
> This is one more chance to learn and develope those skills.
>    I look forward to seeing everyone there. Once again, if you do not show
> up, we will all talk bad about you.<G>
>    Chiang,
>    Western Regional KM and Warlord
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