[Western] Thanks to Sir Gideon Houshold and SCA friends

key connor constable_sca at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 4 17:13:47 PST 2002

  Pictures of the event with TRM being the first
of the set of 170 will be done by Thursday and
the link posted here and the Ansteorrian
announcement-list. New additions to many of my
photos are comments at the bottom of some pics as
to whom and what is being done, this takes time,
I am starting to get an idea of what a full time
photographer must go through..

  For those interested in the pics of last-last
weeks Iceaxe they will be up wed' night.

  And thanks to Raven (new MOC to Middleford, I
think?) and Genevieve (as it was only her second
event Iceaxe being her first),  Many thanks..

P.s. Everyone who attended, helped or just made a
presents of atmosphere,
Thanks for making a very nice memory

Key Connor

Watch your eye, here comes the flash...


--- "Sean P. S. Gulick" <sean at ig.utexas.edu>
> Thank you Claire.  I, in turn, would like to
> thank those who helped me
> man the ticket selling and helped with the
> execution of James of Severn.
>  The ones that come to mind immediately are
> Raven, Genevieve (both from
> Tempio)


Clan Macleod
Protege to Mistress Mirrim
Man at Arms to the Amazon household
Constable of Bryn Gwlad
Member of the Baronial Guard
and The New Auld Alliance

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