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Tue Feb 5 13:02:22 PST 2002

M'Lord Bruno

I am sure that by the time this gets to you  lots of people have written
you but since I was there as Queen my opinion has a little historical
value. Of course you know my husband , Duke Jonathan, was the first King
to sign light weapon rules into being. Also we were the first Crown to
face this decision. Master Tivar was voted yes by the Laurel for his work
in light weapon and yes by the Pelicans and choice had to be made. Would
Light weapons be permanent put in the category of "arts" or would we
maintain it as a fighting style and keep the door open for a fighting
peerage someday. At that time it was the hope of the light fighters that
it would someday be a fighting peerage and that is why I think  Tivar
chose the Pelican. Today the hope of light weapons ever being a fighting
peerage seems very remote but I do not think we should give up the hope.
As long as Ansteorra keeps the door open there is still hope. One of my
favorite Tao's statement is "most people fail at the verge of success" .
The fact that certain factions are using this ploy to stop the light
weapon movement makes me think we might be closer to the goal of light
weapons fighting being a fighting peerage than we believe.

Duchess Willow de 'wisp

On Mon, 4 Feb 2002 22:12:13 -0700 "Bruno" <bruno at armyofdorkness.org>
> Don't know if anyone here fights light, but you might be interested
> to know
> that at Candlemas this last weekend, Their Majesties Outlands,
> offered Don
> Ian of Nightshade entrance into the Laurel for the Research and
> Teaching of
> Period Fencing.  An earth shattering precedence.
> Bruno
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