[Western] Regional Tabards at 12th Night

HE Kainin Tepesa kainin at copycraft.com
Tue Nov 18 06:49:27 PST 2003


What a wonderful idea and what a glorious sight 
that will be at Gulf Wars!  Vivat the generosity 
of these Noble ladies and VIVAT THE WESTERN 

Lord Bonwicke

>Unto the Western Region do we send greeting!  It 
>is our hope during this holiday season that you 
>and yours are well.
>The new Year will be upon us shortly and with it 
>will come another chance to show the valor of 
>our region at Gulf Wars.
>As many of you have seen, there are a number of 
>units around the Kingdom with matching tabards. 
>We would very much like to do this as well so 
>that everyone in the Kingdom can tell that we 
>are the Western Region.  The King’s War Ribbon 
>has been awarded many times to many other war 
>companies.  It has often been the case that we 
>have been considered to be part of one of these 
>companies because we have been standing beside 
>them.  Having unit tabards will help alleviate 
>this problem and allow us to be seen as our own 
>unit for what we are – one of the best units in 
>the Kingdom.
>Britta and Safiye have offered to sew these 
>tabards.  The cost of the materials is $15 each. 
>They are not charging for labor, they are 
>donating out time to the cause to help the 
>Western Region to stand out to be seen for what 
>it is.  Britta and Safiye will be taking orders 
>and sewing during the day at Bonwicke’s 12th 
>Night celebration.  For those of you that would 
>choose to sew your own tabards, please come to 
>Bonwicke or send an envoy to pick up a pattern.
>In Service we are -
>Earl Aaron and Countess Britta MacGregor and
>Baron Gavin MacIain and Baroness Safiye op Griffith

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