[Western] Bardic Competition at Western Sentinel

estarkey estarkey at starband.net
Mon Oct 6 12:09:00 PDT 2003

Would you offer up a tale
Of a maiden pure and pale
With a beauty that was sung both far and wide?
Of a man who came to slay
All the Dragons of his day
So with her thru the ages he could bide?

Would your muse apreciate
Valiant warriors caught by fate
Left behind to hold the vale against the foe?
Brothers of the Shield
Vowing death before they'd yield
Their battle staining red the winter's snow.

Be it short or be it long,
Fold an image into song.
Don't you let that bardic candle pass you by.
Be you young or be you old,
You've a tale that can be told.
It's you that make them laugh or makes them cry.

Will you add to the grace and color of Western Sentinel with your poetry,
songs and tales?
Will it be of your own making?
Will it be that of other bards and ministrals?
But most of all, will it entertain and please the populace?

Lady Ryah

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