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Tue Oct 7 16:12:33 PDT 2003

Greetings Everyone.
Just my opinion.......
The game is not as it use to be. I'm not saying that change is bad, but what 
has happened to watching two skilled fighters weather non-belts or knights 
fight. I'm tired of the so called"gun-slingers". I'm not going to drive a great 
distance to watch a gunfight. Nobody watches boxing if it is a one round fight. 
Nobody is going to watch any ball game if the concept was first point wins. 
No heavy fighter likes to spend more time putting on armour than on the tourney 
field. What happened to the "Art of War"? The cost of armour has gone through 
the roof.... That hasen't helped either, not much that we can do about that. 
But do the people who played ten to fifteen years ago remember what kind of 
armour we use to use, I know that most was "barbarian styled", but it was also 
cheeper to get, make or buy. It seems that it is just more expensive to play. I 
have been told that if you want to just play, low persona is fine, but if you 
want to get noticed, you will have to play high persona..
Just my opinion....
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