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HE Chiang chiang at odsy.net
Tue Oct 7 21:09:39 PDT 2003

The newsletter has been tried a couple times over the years. As Larkin has
noted, we do have this list, it is easier to get stuff out this way, no one
has to bear the cost or trouble of putting out a newsletter with it......and
so on.

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From: "Charlie Cain / Larkin O'Kane" <larkinokane at cox.net>
Subject: Re: [Western] RE:disappointed

Why have a newesletter? We have a regional email list that can be used for
that as well as other things. It's a great device for communication provided
anyone has anything to say.

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From: "Will Manning" <dertruwe at hotmail.com>
Subject: [Western] RE:disappointed

> Has anyone ever thought of creating a western region news letter, we could
> all keep up with the region, it's events and such. It could be emailed to
> those in groups that have access, and then printed out and copied, that
> no one group is putting up the cost.
> Eingeführt,
> Herr Winther der Trüwe

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